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January 13 2018

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The Benefits of Joining an Agricultural Co-Op

The River Country Cooperative, like all co-ops, was formed with three essential principles in mind: user ownership, user control, and user benefit. While this co-op has been around for decades, these principles remain unchanged. The end result is that its producers/owners can achieve more through cooperation than they would otherwise be able to alone.

Becoming a Member

While customers patronizing River Country do not need to be members in order to take advantage of their impressive savings, there is one important benefit to obtaining membership: all members share in the cooperative's yearly earnings. It's easy to become a member. All customers need to do is fill out a simple patronage card and turn it in to begin taking advantage of increased savings and annual earnings.

Products and Services Offered

Members of the cooperative offer everything from popular food products to gas and far more all around the Twin Cities area. The cooperative's stores are known as River Country SuperAmerica stores, which also offer fuel, automotive lubricants, and propane services. These stores represent just one small part of the cooperative's function, though.

Heating and Energy

One of the historically most important elements of the cooperative is providing energy in the form of heating oil and propane. The cooperative offers diverse packages designed to fit each customer's unique needs, including automatic fill services, fixed price contracts, and even payment plans. Commercial and agricultural business owners stand to gain even more than residential customers, as the cooperative guarantees on-time delivery and can provide fuel trailers for added energy flexibility and security.

Agricultural Services

The cooperative also offers just about everything needed to start and maintain a successful agricultural operation. This includes seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, and even precision application services. The cooperative also keeps industry specialists on staff with the specific intent of keeping up with industry trends and ensuring that every customer receives the personalized attention they need to ensure that his or her agricultural operation's unique needs are adequately met.

Learn More Today

Interested in becoming a member of the co-op, but want to learn a little bit more about the services and products they offer first? Anyone who wants to learn more can visit site for additional information.

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